Fine Accessories…

Besides dishing out $128 (I know, that’s waaaay too much) for my graduation dress, I thought I would complete the cute ensemble that I’ll be rocking two weeks from now with the perfect necklace and belt. First off all, when I walked into J.Crew the day I bought my dress, I saw the entire outfit on the manneqin and I wanted it. I just knew I had to get it. I asked the sales girl, who was helping me, to get me everything on the headless body. LOL. So, I tried on the dress, the necklace, and the belt and I totally fell in love. At first, I thought I looked like I was going to a wedding but the sales girl reassured me that I didn’t look like it. She loved how the dress looked on me and even gave me a nice, little discount 🙂 I was in heaven.

Here are the necklace and belt. 

Again, this isn't the exact necklace but it's very similar to it. I'm totally in love with J.Crew..if you couldn't already tell.

This is the EXACT belt I'll be wearing.

These two are so pretty and go perfectly with my dress. I must’ve died and went to heaven..they’re gorgeous.

Now, onto my shoes. I’ll keep you guys posted when I find one.


UPDATE: What to Wear for Graduation?!

Soooo, Lilliana Vasquez from CheapChicas never replied to my email :(. I couldn’t wait much longer so I decided to get out there and search for the perfect dress.

I’m so happy to announce–I FOUND ONE! I got this lovely dress from J.Crew, which happens to be a very high-end,upscale store, that I am totally obsessed with. The dress I got is very similar to the one below but it’s not it. I went on their website thinking I would find it, but it’s not even up there yet…which tells me it’s a super new arrival and maybe exclusive to J.Crew stores 🙂

Dress by J.Crew

Don’t worry, I’ll take a ton of pictures the day of graduation so you guys will see exactly what I’m talking about. You’ll loooooove it. I highly recommend you guys check out J.Crew’s website. They have a bunch of cute stuff. They’re a little pricey, but I think if you find the right piece of something, you’ll dish out the cash for it.

Find more dresses like mine at J.Crew.

A Trip to the Wanamaker Organ (Slideshow Project)

Hi, guys!

I know this post is going to seem a little weird/random but I swear there’s a reason behind it. 🙂

For my Journalism class, I had to create a slideshow using Soundslides.  The slideshow had to be of a recent event we attended,a tour of some place, a concert, or just about anything that could be told through pictures. So I decided to take a ton of pictures at this concert I went to. It was a really neat concert. I enjoyed myself and practically harassed the organist who put on this F R E E Organ concert.

Check out the slideshow!

What to Wear For Graduation?!

With graduation less than a month away, I’ve been thinking of what I’ll be wearing the day of the ceremony. I want to look really cute and fashionable. I know it’s going to be hot and that I’m going to be covered in a long, black gown but I don’t care…I want to look nice and look like I actually took the time out to make myself look beautiful.

So because the possibilites are endless and there’s just so much trends and clothes that I can go with/wear, I decided to hit up (contact) my favorite fashion blogger, Lilliana Vasquez from Cheap Chicas Guide to Style. I literally just emailed her so I’m waiting for a reply. I’m dying for her to respond to me and help me out a little. Her style and taste are impeccable and I know she won’t let me down–that’s if she even replys back.

So, guys, pray that she does. Thanks!

Clinique Skin Care Products!!

So, I recently started using Clinique skin care/makeup products and I must admit, I’m in love! I swear and live by Clinique now. Their 100% allergy tested and fragrance free products are the best. In particular, their 3-Step Skin Care line and their Perfectly there makeup have been sooo unbelievably good to me.  

I use the liquid facial soap(L-R), the clarifying lotion, and the dramatically different moisturizing lotion twice a day, sometimes three times a day—that’s how much I can’t get enough of this skin care product/products. Each product does what it says it will…they clear, exfoliate, and leave your skin dramatically moisturize–everything my skin and  face desperately needed.

I use The Perfectly there makeup (below) on the days I want to look extra pretty :). Honestly, I don’t think Clinique could’ve picked a more fitting name for the unbelievably great powder. On the days I’m wearing the power, you could barely tell. It blends in so well with my skin and it just gives me this really nice glow. For a girl who’s never been into makeup, I could honestly say, I’m hooked! Clinique got me.

There’s a reason old and young folks use Clinique…it instantly becomes a staple because it’s not harsh on your skin and it actually does what it says it will. If you want to use something that’s not harsh on your skin and leaves your skin soft, clean, and glowing, then make the switch like I did…you won’t regret it.

Spring is in The Air

…everywhere you look around. So, the other day,  I went around asking people what they were most excited about and looking forward to this upcoming season. Of course when I asked these people this question though, I meant fashion wise. But clearly, they weren’t thinking fashion as you’ll hear in just a sec. I got some really funny answers but none of them were fashion related. But, it made me think, can I really be the only person who constantly has fashion on the brain? Honestly, I wonder. Well, take a listen to what these people had to say.

Weren’t they the funniest? I have a love for sports and all but, honestly, when I think of Spring, sports is, by far, the last thing on  my mind. I could care less who’s winning in the season opener, unless it has something to do with last year’s World Champs, MY New York Yankees, of course! I’d much rather be speaking about the latest trends in fashion or the next designer who’ll be releasing a clothing line at my favorite store, Target.

But, all in all, this was a fun, little assignment. I had a good time stopping random people on the street and asking them what they were most looking forward to this spring. So, before I leave,  I’m going to leave you with this…what are YOU looking forward to most this Spring? Is it the short-shorts, new sunglasses, floral dresses, sandals, the cutest and latest must-have accessories or a new pair of jeggings (that’s the new jeans and leggings look)? You tell me.



Women Rule!!!!

No…we  REALLY do. I just caught wind of the most amazing, feel-good story. It doesn’t have much to do with what I usually blog about but this one just put me in one of the greatest moods ever, and I just had to share it with you guys 🙂

Today, well yesterday (Friday, March 12, 2010), Natalie Randolph was appointed  HEAD COACH of a major,high-school football team in Washington, D.C. When I read/saw this I was like, NO WAY!? Apparently, she isn’t the first WOMAN to coach a football team but I definitely never came across or heard about the other the two who have been there, done that.

I am so proud to be a woman right now! I think it’s really cool and I hope she proves the critiques and the haters wrong.

Check out the article:

Coolidge High School’s New,Female Coach

I think the columnist, who’s a guy by the way, did a fantastic job covering/writing this story. He did her justice! I just love it.



Hello Spring Break!!

Spring Break officially started for me and the rest of the La Salle community today. I can’t tell you guys how excited I am. I’ll be  in New York (THE Fashion Capital) for a couple of days spending some QT with my family and friends. I cannot wait to see their lovely faces because I’ve missed them a whole bunch. Before I depart for a couple of days  though, I just had to share this story I wrote while I was at my internship yesterday. I usually don’t get to decide what I write and what gets published but I was so happy when I got this assignment. It’s a fashion-related story so you know I was all over it.

Here goes the link,check it and tell what you think about it. And take it easy on me OK, I intern at NBC so that alone is good for me : )

Hope you enjoy it and I’ll be back soon!


SJ ♥ L I V E F A S

Congratulations Underway for the New Mommy

I am especially excited about this post. Keyshia Cole, who is my favorite, favorite, favorite Soul/R&B singer, had her baby this week! The singer welcomed her first baby on Tuesday, March 2 at 11:54 p.m., to be exact. I am so happy for this girl. She has been through sooooo much and deserves all the happiness in the world. She and her fiance, Daniel Gibson from the Cleveland Cavaliers, are probably in some serious overtime with their new bundle of joy. I can’t wait ’til photos of mommy and baby are released.

I’m not sure if B.E.T. will pick up Keyshia’s reality show, “The Way It Is”, for another season but if they do I know seeing little Daniel Jr. will definitely be my favorite part of the show. I can’t wait to see what he looks like. I’m so excited, as if you couldn’t tell.

Check out her most recent video, before she was preggos. Daddy Daniel is in it too. Enjoy it and happy watching : )

♥ SJ L I V E F A S

Monica’s New Video

One of my favorite R&B singers finally released the video to her new song “Everything to Me”. The song’s been on replay on my iPod since its Janurary 26 release. As always, Monica looks well put-together (stars are so lucky to have personal stylists’!), and very,very stylish and fashionable. The long dress and piece she has on are from the late Alexander McQueen, Brit fashion icon who committed suicide early last month. I adore this girl and her fashion sense.

Check out the video:

Hope you enjoyed it!


SJ ♥ L I V E F A S